Mensaje sobre COVID 19 del Events Industry Council

Abr 2, 2020

Dear Board and Council,

To our friends, colleagues and the communities most deeply impacted by COVID-19, I want you to know we are here to help.

More than any other industry that I know, we are truly a global community. We foster relationships and connections in everything we do. We step up with solutions when we, as an industry and as global citizens, need to support each other.

This is a fast-moving issue impacting events worldwide. More important, it is impacting people. People we care for deeply. Many of them may have to make major adjustments just to provide for their families over the next six to 12 months.
At EIC, our focus is two-fold.

First, make informed decisions about our meetings based on sound information and guidance provided by the WHO and CDC. As always, health, safety and security are the top priorities.

EIC will help provide you with information and resources to make informed decisions. For a good starting place, you can go here. We have also developed a key message/Q&A resource and invite you to use as needed.

Second, reminding ourselves how resilient we are. We are adaptive. Events will continue despite COVID-19. The majority of events around the world are still happening, despite what the media reports. Some will be – or have already been – cancelled or postponed. Most of them will come back just as they did after other major world events.

In the interim, we have a job to do. We must continue to be good stewards of our industry. That includes reminding one another who we are, the value we provide to those we serve and why what we do matters to others.

Our industry has weathered disruptions in the past. Working together, we will weather this, too. Reach out when you need help. If you are contacted by the media and would prefer to send the reporter to Amy Calvert, please do so.

This is a good reminder that we help support people and communities in ways that have a lasting impact. That will continue.

Paul Van Deventer
Paul Van Deventer, Chair, Events Industry Council
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