Montevideo, Uruguay
January 2017

Dear Colleague,
Formed in 1988, COCAL represents more than 4,000 meeting professionals in 16 countries in Latin America, and 18 in 2015. The Organization sets standards and professional ethics for the MICE industry and promotes greater collaboration among meeting professions within countries in the region promoting business, and academic+ certification programs for PCO’s and the MICE industry. COCAL as a partner encourages and develops meaningful networking opportunities, along with innovative educational programs, that support and benefit the event marketing community and is the most representative entity of the Latin America MICE sector. Our members have greater access to the opportunities to advance their academic and professional careers, also will help strengthen international growth of the industry by fostering cross cultural collaboration and learning for which we are inviting Maritz to become a COCAL member to be part of the most important networking association in Latam.
Please find enclosed some information of our membership (Spanish), and do not hesitate to ask to contact me any moment at your convenience.

Graciela Sánchez
President Board of Directors

COCAL is the Latin American Congress Organizing Entities and Related Activities
Federation, established in 1985. COCAL is a non-government, non-profit organization
of Latin American professional congress organizers (PCOs), specialized in congresses and events representing 16 different countries, being the most representative entity of MICE in the Latin American region.
The Federation’s aspirations are to unite the efforts of the countries of the region in order to improve the performance of the Latin American meetings industry; to represent its members in international industry forums and events; to establish relationships of mutual cooperation
among its members; to formulate agreements and develop activities to help the sector; and to develop and protect professional and commercial ethical principles and norms.
COCAL has an important educational role for the development of professional congress organizers in the region with a wide list of partners.


Latin America becoming a first level global center of conferences, trade fairs and expositions, combined with the latest technologies surrounded all its natural virtues.


  • Promote the training of technicians and professionals in the industry.
    Agree on principles and standards of professional and business ethics. Contribute in the promotion of Latin American countries and establish cooperation between them.
    Represent the region at the international level.
  • Regularly participate with new, events and promotional practices in the newsletter and COCAL’s communication plan, continuously generated on a weekly basis, every Tuesday, to MICE’s data base, in 16 countries, to more than 4500 industry professionals.
  • Access to discounts in tickets, benefit programs of our strategic members to our customers (events), access to trainings and professional development through webinars, conferences, events, documents in a regular manner; special prices for MICE events, training tools, including academic and professional value. Invitations to programs of hosted buyers at major MICE exhibitions and representation therein through the presence and participation of COCAL.
  • Access to member information in the various categories in the industry throughout the countries, in order to contribute to the professional organization of an event in any of the partner countries (18).
  • Among others.


The nonprofit Federation aims to develop growth of the events industry in Latin America, through the following activities:
a) Grouping within it all Associations, Federations, and Institutions, national and foreign, representative of the legal or natural persons of Latin American countries involved in organizing events and meeting the requirements listed in these statutes;
b) Represent all its partners in the international level, for the benefit of themselves, seeking greater opportunities for development of their functions, to strengthen and consolidate events in Latin America;
c) To promote the training of technicians and professionals through training modalities;
d) Be a consulting and mediation organism for addressing issues related with events and projects to government authorities be they federal, state or municipal agencies to business chambers, associations, institutes, councils, etc. as well as before educational and professional institutions, either national or international;
e) Agree on principles and standards of professional and business ethics, mandatory to safeguard the moral and economic interests of its members, sanctioning noncompliance;
f) Contribute to institutionally promote Latin American countries, creating the necessary conditions for their partners to have their specific activities;
g) Award by arbitration the differences among its members;
h) Keep its members informed on professional issues that may be of interest;
i) Highlight the profession of professional event organizers, in order to be given the rightful place in the business world and government
j) Seek legal or technical assistance to its members through the corresponding professionals;
k) Establish coordination agreements, representation, liaison and mutual support with similar and / or complementary organizations, be national or foreign, to foster relationships with institutions, groups and related organizations in pursuit of the consolidation of the profession as well as strengthening the industry;
l) Represent, sponsor and defend the interests that the Federation members have in common, which do not contravene with the social objective and the statutes.
ll) Promote by all possible means the expansion and development of events generated with resources and professionals with international competitiveness ranges;
m) Promote international, national, regional, state and municipal interest for the creation, development, conservation and proper use of the infrastructure needed for trade shows, conferences and conventions as strategic means of promoting and marketing the various countries
n) The acquisition by any legal title to the property, possession, use and / or enjoyment of real and personal property necessary for the purposes of the Federation;
o) Celebrate any action or contract of either nature related directly or indirectly to the social object and lawful for a Civil Association;
p) Celebrate any legal action or activity that relates to the objective and to have and exercise all powers conferred by the laws of the Republic of Argentina, being able to carry out all kinds of legal acts or transactions for their own account or third parties.

A) Full Partners: The Associations, Federations, Government, National or Private Convention Bureaus or National University of Latin American Countries legally constituted at the national level in accordance with its own legislation, bring together natural or legal persons involved in capturing, promoting or organizing events. The Private or Government Convention Bureaus and the National Universities will be eligible when their activities are developed, activity related to recruitment, promotion or event organizers or they have among its members, individuals dedicated to organizing events, representing their country, as long as there are no national association, representing the event organizers. In the case, there are no existing association that can represent the event organizers, the University could be admitted as a full partner, legally recognized by jurisdictional organism of that country, have among its professional careers, that of conference and trade show organizer. To gather the category in FULL, a written request should be submitted, with the recommendation of at least two members of this Federation, in which the applicant undertakes to comply with these statutes and the decisions taken by the Assembly of Members and the Board of Directors. In this category there can only be one member per country.
B) Adherent Partners: The legal entities performing tasks closely linked with the organization of events, and government agencies, ministries of tourism, tourism offices and other government agencies that support the activity of organizing events and those related to.
C) Observing Members: Legal persons involved in organizing events and their suppliers in Latin American countries, unifying their representation by private document expressing clear intention to establish partnership.
D) Honorary Members: Natural or legal persons who, in consideration of the services rendered to the Federation or certain personal conditions, be appointed by the Assembly of Members and recommended by two full members. The Honorary members will not pay any fee given their honorary condition.


Gustavo Curto
General Secretary
[email protected]